Tomb Raider Underworld - Prologue

Complete the Prologue

Prologue (Bronze Trophy) Edit

Description: Complete the Prologue

What to do: Simply complete the Prologue. This level is very simple and is a tutorial, so the game practically walks you through it.
Est. Time to Obtain: 5 - 10 mins

Walkthroughs: Edit

Spoiler Warning:

The following walkthroughs may contain spoilers about story and/or character events.

YouTube Video Edit


Text Walkthrough

This Text Walkthrough is taken, with permission, from Rikku4788's guide. The full guide can be located internally here, or externally at GameFAQs here.

Remember in the good old days where we used to get to wander around Lara's home, jump around and then take a swim in the pool? Well thats what we get ...except theres no pool to cool off in. Consider this your training level of sorts.

The scene will start off with Lara taking a stroll, only to be interupted by an explosion and her beloved home set on fire. You'll be just as confused as she is at what exactly has happened. Fear not, all will be revealed in due time. I will say this only once, because its a fairly obvious factor. Fire=pain...standing in the fire for a short time=death. With that in mind, lets get on with it. AVOID THE FLAMES, Lara now has a nice little animation where she'll sheild herself when she's near to a flame.

Head down the hallway and climb up onto the blocks at the end, climb up and pull the lever to open the door. Head into the next room and crawl under the rubble. Locate the climbable section to your left and climb over. Grapple the hook on the door and pull the grapple to open the door. Note that the door will get blown open knocking Lara over, this wont hurt you. Head into the hallway and pick up the healthpack (looks like a briefcase). Vault onto the ledge and shimmy till she wont go any further, jump up to the above ledge and continue to shimmy along, drop down to the lower ledge and at the end, lean back to jump to the other side of the hall. Find the box and push it down the hall so its against the wall. Climb up and onto the wall, shimmy right and at the end jump off onto the floor. Be careful of the falling debris as you reach the exit, jump across the hole to enter into the main area. Head left towars the stairs, grapple the hook, then run, jump and swing across to the other side. Head right, and when you reach the flaming stuff, hang off the ledge on the right hand side, carefully lower yourself to the floor to finish this mini level.

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