LittleBigPlanet is the first in what is called a "Play-Create-Share" genre, which gives users the ability to create their own gameplay levels and share them with other users. The trophy list is one of the more entertaining to acquire and obtaining Platinum will require some assistance. Because the later levels have prize bubbles located in "4x" locations, you will need to find boosting partners to help you get 100%.

There aren't any trophies that can be missed, as once you beat all of the disc levels, you can re-play them at any time. You will also find plenty of user-created levels to help you obtain a dozen or so trophies quickly, simply search for "Trophy Levels" in the Community Search.

Game InformationEdit

Genre: Action/Adventure
Release Date: August 21, 2008

Platinum Difficulty Rating (from 6.3/10
Estimated Time for Platinum: 30-50 Hours
Number of Trophies: 59 (48 on disc)
Number of Offline Trophies: 44 (33 on disc)
Number of Online Trophies: 15 (15 on disc)

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