God of War
God of War Box Art.jpg
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre Action-Adventure
Release Date
NA: November 17, 2009
EU: April 30, 2010
JP: March 18, 2010
AUS: March 18, 2010
Trophy Stats
Platinum Yes
Gold 5
Silver 10
Bronze 20
Total 36


The original release of God of War was on March 25, 2005 for the PlayStation 2. The trophies listed here apply to the re-release as part of the compilation God of War: Collection.


Bronze Silver Gold
  • Matador: Win the first Minotaur fight.
  • Kickboxer: Complete the Spike Room Box Puzzle.
  • Zero Health: Open a Health Chest when your health meter is already full.
  • Hitman: Get a 100 Hits Combo.
  • Head Hunter: Obtain the head of the Architect's wife.

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