Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII Box Art.jpg
Publisher Square Enix
Genre Role-Playing Game
Release Date
NA: March 9, 2010
EU: March 9, 2010
JP: December 17, 2009
Trophy Stats
Platinum Yes
Gold 5
Silver 9
Bronze 21
Total 36


Game description is currently unavailable.


Bronze Silver Gold
  • SP Gysahl Wreath: Discovered buried treasure with a little help from a Chocobo.
  • SP Kelger's Cup: Completed all low-level Cie'th Stone missions.
  • SP Exorcist: Triumphed over undying lowerland souls in seven fierce battles.
  • SP Floraphobe: Toppled a green terror and cut an oversized succulent down to size.
  • SP Adamant Will: Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds.
  • SP L'Cie Paragon: Earned a 5-star ranking for all Cie'th Stone missions.
  • SP Loremaster: Discerned the full attributes of 100 enemies.
  • SP Superstar: Earned a 5-star ranking in the battle to determine the world's fate.

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