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Buzz! Quiz TV is a quiz-show type game with fairly straight-forward trophies. All will require grinding out rounds in the different gameplay modes: Single Player, Multiplayer, MyBuzz, and Sofa vs. Sofa. This trophy list is also duplicated in the Buzz! Brain of Britain game, so the trophy pages both link to the same strategy pages.

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Genre: Family
Release Date: September 23, 2008

Platinum Difficulty Rating (from 3.7/10
Estimated Time for Platinum: 40-50 hours

Number of Trophies: 25
Number of Offline Trophies: 19
Number of Online Trophies: 6

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Glitch Edit

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In January of 2009, PS3Trophies user "fanboy" discovered a glitch that allowed most players of Buzz! to acquire 70-100% of trophies in a few short minutes. This glitch does not work with the Special Edition or Buzz! Brain of Britain. It also does not unlock any of the Secret Trophies.

Steps to perform Edit

  1. Delete any game data you have installed on your hard drive
  2. Start the Buzz! game and do not install the upgrade (hit Circle to cancel and bypass install)
  3. Play 1 full single player round
  4. After the credits roll and you go back to the main screen (where Buzz is sitting on the couch), wait a few seconds and exit the game via the PS button
  5. Once on the XMB, start the Buzz! game again and this time DO install the update
  6. Accept the User Agreement
  7. When the game loads and you see Buzz sitting on his couch, the trophies should start popping up

You may need to repeat these steps a couple times to get all or even any of the trophies. It is completely random for different people as fas as how many trophies (and which ones) will unlock.

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