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Burnout Paradise is the fifth game in the Burnout series. There are nearly 100 trophies to collect on Burnout but only 51 are needed to collect the Platinum. Most trophies are quite easy to achieve, but a few can take some time. The trophies were introduced in an update and were not retroactive so anyone with game data created before the update is advised to start a new save. Original saves can be backed up onto USB memory sticks then reloaded back onto the Playstation 3 to avoid data loss.

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Genre: Racing
Release Date: January 22, 2008

Estimated Time for Platinum: 25-40 Hours

Number of Trophies: 98 (51 for Platinum, 47 via DLC)
Number of Offline Trophies: 69 (45 for Platinum, 24 via DLC)
Number of Online Trophies: 29 (6 for Platinum, 23 via DLC)

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Downloadable Trophies

These Trophies are only available by purchasing additional DLC content via the Playstation Store. You do not have to acquire these Trophies to get the Platinum.

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Legendary Cars DLC ($7.99, £6.29)Edit

Toy Cars DLC ($12.99, £9.99)Edit

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Cops and Robbers DLC ($9.99, £7.99) Edit

Big Surf Island DLC ($12.99, £9.99) Edit

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