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Battlefield:Bad Company will require a bit of online grinding to even get close to platinum. You can expect over 100 hours for this one. The single player campaign is fairly straight forward, but will still require 30-40 hours.

Single Player

You will have to play a minimum of 2 playthroughs in order to get all of the offline trophies, as you must beat the game on both Normal and Hard difficulties. There are also two sets of collectibles you will have to find: Gold Bars and Collectibles. The Gold Bars are in small silver cases in different locations of each map, and the Collectibles are different weapons that can be found or picked up off of an enemy. You can see how many you have missing on each map on the level select screen. Before you begin your first playthrough, it is recommended that you have these maps readily available to guide you along the way so you don't miss anything. If you do miss one, you can go back and replay a level, so no major worry.


Along with grinding out kills, one of your primary focuses should be on achieving in-game "Awards". You can see a list of all the awards you have obtained and those that you still have to get on the main Multi-Player menu. Since it will take a very, very long time to get 10,002 kills and to level 25, it's recommended that you just play the game as normal until you get comfortable with the maps and multi-player gameplay before focusing on specific awards or trophies.

For a more detailed road map, please visit addmanrace's PS3Trophies Road Map.

Game Information

Genre: Shooter
Release Date: 6/23/2008

Platinum Difficulty Rating (from 8.8/10
Estimated Time for Platinum: 100 hours+

Number of Trophies: 51
Number of Offline Trophies: 31
Number of Online Trophies: 20

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