Aces High (Silver) Edit

Description: Ace a Par 4 or a Par 5 hole in any Traditional or Online game mode.

Walkthrough: Probably the hardest trophy other than Big Money this requires you to hit a hole-in-one on a par 4 or par 5.  You're going to want to go back to your custom course featuring 18 St. Andrews Hole #9's as this is a 230 yd Par 4.  Select 4 Players, each a user controlled Tiger Woods.  This will give you consistency with your distance.  You're also going to want to turn the fairways and greens to very fast, with a "calm" wind.

The best option is to use your 3-wood off the tees, and use the first two shots (with players 1 and 2) to gauge how much power/spin you need to apply, so that players 3 and 4 you can try for the pin.  This will more than likely take a number of attempts, but with a calm wind setting, you'll never have anything over 5 mph so it should be fairly consistent.

Est. Time to obtain: 45 minutes

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